Accountable Specialist Resume

Writing a resume needs a lot of attention to details. You need to know all the vital points that will make your resume complete and effective. To write an accountable specialist resume, you need to be very clear about the requirement of the company that you are applying in. The job profile that you are interested in may contain some key points and you need to spotlight those key points in your resume that you think are relevant and will be helpful in grabbing the recruiter’s attention.

Accounting specialist handles bookkeeping and clerical accounting activities of the organization. These accounting professionals handle a number of financial duties reconciling transactions, offer tax strategies, and track the business income and assets of the organization. Accounting specialist are essentially record keepers.

They also have to be specialized in the modern softwares used in the accounting processes, which will enable the the overall process to be documented and used properly. They should be updated in the laws and rules with respect to accounting in a company.

There are a number of ways in which you can write a resume; you have to choose a way that will highlight your resume in an optimal way. The main aspect of a good resume is its orientation to the job profile.

Below is a good resume sample for your perusal. This sample will help you learn more about drafting a resume.

This accountable specialist resume will help you to draft a perfect resume. The resume contains sections like objectives, goals, qualifications and job experience. Customize this resume and make the most effective use of it in preparing a resume sample.

Sample Accountable Specialist Resume

Thomas Smith
29 Bayberry Court
Gateway, GA 30372
Cell phone: 304-555-5698



Seeking the position of an accountable specialist to utilize my extensive knowledge of accounting in a renowned organization.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Comprehensive knowledge of general ledger, journal entries and Generally Accepted Accounting principles
  • In-depth knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles and practices
  • Good time management, logical and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, QuickBooks, Abode Photoshop and the Internet Explorer
  • Advance knowledge of General Ledger and Accounts receivables
  • Ability to guide a team and work independently
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to interpret business requirements clearly and concisely

Summary of Work History

MAE INC, Georgina

June 2005—till date

Accounting Specialist

  • Responsible for assisting accountants in researching bank reconciliation and solving inter company cash issues
  • Performs the tasks of creating and maintaining monthly and quarterly cash spreadsheets
  • Handles the tasks of providing support to the accounting specialists in researching unidentified cash receipt
  • Responsible for reconciling cash received at month end and verifies miscellaneous cash receipts
  • Handles the tasks of generating monthly subtends invoicing
  • Processes as well as coordinates inter-company transactions


Coca Cola Enterprises, Georgina

April 2003—December 2004

Accounting Specialist

  • Performs tasks like monitoring and updating accounting records
  • Calculates accounts receivable and payable, expenditures, receipts, profit and loss of the organization
  • Responsible for preparing financial reports and statements as well as updates the same to the management team
  • Handles responsibilities of preparing invoices and tracking overdue accounts
  • Responsible for processing refunds, bad debts and returned checks
  • Maintains invoices to payable system, prepares checks and posts it to the concerned customer accounts

Educational Summary

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

University of Georgina, Georgina in the year 2003

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Accounting

Institute of Business Studies, Georgina State in the year 2000


Certified Bookkeeper, Georgina in the year 2003

Personal Details

Name: Thomas Smith

Date of Birth: 13/1/1978

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request.


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